About Us

Bertolini Architectural Works is a small firm based in Manhattan, NY that specializes in planning, design, and consulting for exterior restoration. We also have dedicated staff that specializes in residential architecture and interior design services for entrances, lobbies, outdoor spaces, and apartments.

We combine our deep knowledge of historic and modern construction techniques, to apply the latest technology towards restoring and maintaining building exteriors in addition to solving complex waterproofing issues.


Our staff understands and works with the Department of Buildings, Landmark Preservation Commission, and Department of Transportation to expedite approvals and throughout the construction process. 

Oswald Bertolini, AIA


Mr. Bertolini has extensive experience in the restoration of historical buildings and residential design, having practiced in the New York Metropolitan area since 1981.


He is a Registered Architect credited with licenses in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), and is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the New York Society of Architects (NYSA).

Eric Vonderhyde


Since 1997, Mr. Vonderhyde has acquired extensive experience in the restoration and waterproofing of New York City buildings with a strong background in Historic and Landmark quality properties.

He has an Associates Degree in Construction Technology and a Bachelor in Architecture from Pratt Institute.

Ryan Hopewell

Associate Principal

Mr. Hopewell is a construction professional with 15+ years industry experience. He has experience from all areas of construction from initial planning and design through execution. He has extensive knowledge of complex facades and roof systems ranging from pre-war to modern construction techniques.   


He holds a B.S. in Industrial Technology with concentration in Construction from Southeast Missouri State and M.S. in Construction Management from NYU.

Vera Djelevic

Office Manager

Mrs. Djelevic has extensive experience in the business aspect of the office with over 25 years in the industry.


Her hard work and dedication in Office Management, Client Relations, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, and Human Resources are essential to the office operation.

Matt Gafary

Senior Associate

Mr. Gafary earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from New York University. His previous work as a Project Engineer included extensive experience with façade inspections, construction administration, waterproofing, and reinforcement design.

He has also prepared bid documents and reports for the Department of Buildings. He brings a structural engineering perspective to complement our architectural projects. 

Adriana Trucco

Senior Project Manager

Ms. Trucco earned her degree from Universidad Católica de Córdoba in Argentina. She is a registered architect in the state of New York.

She has expertise in construction administration, exterior restoration, and coordination between managers and contractors. She does hands on inspections and helps our clients navigate the complexities of large projects. This includes troubleshooting and diagnosing.

Shenier Torres

Project Manager

Mr. Torres earned his Bachelors Degree in Architectural Technology at New York City College of Technology. He has extensive knowledge in interior renovations specifically in brownstones and lofts.


In addition, before working in restoration, he worked in various large residential developments in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. He specializes in Architectural Graphics, 3D visualization, and renderings.

Yennifer Suero

Professional Staff

Ms. Suero has a Bachelors Degree in Architectural Technology from New York City College of Technology.

She is AutoCAD certified and is involved in drafting drawing sets for Bid, DOB, and LPC. She is engaged in surveying various buildings, and preparing FISP (formerly known as Local Law 11/98) Reports and Time Extensions.

Michael Kossov

Professional Staff

Jean Guzman

Professional Staff

Mr. Kossov received his Bachelors in Architectural Technology from the New York City College of Technology in 2017. 

He does field inspections and surveys various buildings. He also prepares FISP Reports (formerly known as Local Law 11/98), Field Reports, and Time Extensions.

Mr. Guzman is working towards his Bachelors in Architecture from the New York City College of Technology. 

He does field inspections and surveys various buildings. He also prepares FISP Reports (formerly known as Local Law 11/98). Field Reports, and Time Extensions.

Christina Shui

Compliance Coordinator

Ms. Shui helps our clients navigate the organization, compliance, and preparation of filing documents. She coordinates with expediters and consultants as well as working on FISP reports. 

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