Exterior Restoration

We are a full service exterior restoration firm providing inspection, diagnosis and preparation of repair documents, including construction drawings and details, bidding and filing documents as well as construction administration.

We love the buildings of New York City and we are devoted to maintaining them through the various stages of their life.  Whether a building needs routine maintenance or an extensive restoration, we have the right experience and tools, acquired over 20 plus years of work in New York.

Our clients include Residential Condominiums, Cooperatives and Commercial properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.  We understand the challenges Board members and Managing agents face during a construction project and we are dedicated to helping them through every stage of a project.

 A few of the services we provide are:

  • FISP Compliance including inspections, report preparation, and filings

  • Full restoration services including scope of work development, construction drawings, bid and filing document preparation, and construction supervision

  • Leak investigation, diagnosis and abatement recommendations

  • Filings with the Landmarks Preservation Commission including exterior restorations, window replacement and through wall A/C Master Plans.  We also present at Public Hearing.

  • Bid analysis, meetings with Boards / Owners, Contractor interviews

  • AIA Contract Preparation and/or consulting with outside council

  • Concrete rehabilitation and waterproofing including eyebrows, balconies, catwalks, sidewalks and vault replacement

  • Roofing replacement and Terrace / Balcony waterproofing

  • Roof deck and terrace design services

  • Upgrades to entrances, lobby and hallway design and other aesthetic and design services

Services / Projects