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Protecting Your Project

BAW Principal Oswald Bertolini discusses why for most projects “the key is communicating to the board what they’re up against."

A "Master Plan" Speeds

Window Replacements

Eric Vonderhyde, Principal at BAW, discusses how a Master Plan can dramatically speed up the filing process for window replacement projects. The turnaround time for LPC approval is very quick. A master plan is the way to go

Another Way to Cut the

Cost of Facade Inspections

Eric Vonderhyde discusses a creative way to cut costs and hasten projects when doing facade inspections, saving boards both time and money. 

The Tricky Art of Replacing
Windows in Historic Districts

Eric Vonderhyde explains why replacing windows in historic districts can often be more complicated than it seems and offers insight on working with the Landmarks Preservation Commission.  

Combining Apartments

Oswald Bertolini gives advice to boards and apartment owners: "Tell the truth. Be upfront about the project from the beginning. We might have different interests, but we are all going to live together.”

Policing the Alteration Agreement

Oswald Bertolini discusses key considerations for Alteration Agreements drawing on his experiences working on both sides of the agreement, including important tips for apartment owners and boards alike. 

Video interview with Habitat Magazine

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